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Tailor with Measuring Tape

Our Visıon

Everyone has a different shape and has to wear fabrication or buy a fabrication and try to adapt it to their body shape. However, with an online tailor (shoemaker), its always a perfect fit. Plus; in ancient times, there were less fabrications and people were going to tailors or shoemakers. Besides, it is good to have lots of color and fabric options.


For the shoes, foot comfort is so important for us, and everyone has a different foot shape with wide or narrow ball width or extraordinary sizes and different tastes on heel sizes and heel shapes. Also, you can decide on leather colors and types.

For swing dancers, they do need some clothes and shoes that are both retro and comfortable. Handmade Customized Concept is helping people who like to create their own look with their own measurements. 

Our mission is to make all our products that endures the maximum they can, wishing to decrease the textile mountains of fashion waste.


∆ You can personalize the shoes you like 👠by changing;
°Leather Color
°Leather Type (vegan, suede, real)
°Heel Size (1cm, 2cm, 2.5cm, 3cm, 4cm, 6.5cm)
°Heel Type (straight, curvy)
°Heel/base Material (slippery one for swing dancing, sticky one for daily life)
°Ball Width

∆ For clothes👗 you can personlize them by changing;
°Measurements (waist, hips, shoulders, breasts, length, ...)
°Fabric Type (Adriana Crepe, Italian Crepe, ...)
°Fabric Color

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