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Me, Bilge Sagnak, the owner of Jazz'N Fashion, also one of the instructors of Swing Planet Istanbul Dance Studio, teaching lindy hop, solo jazz, shag and balboa. 

Since my childhood, I have a big interest on all kinds of fashion. I graduated from Sabanci University, Computer Science and Engineering but I studied mostly on visual arts and communication. I had worked in corporate firms for years but finally I decided to have my own designs, produce them and share them to people. 

Why Vintage and Retro Clothing?

Because, I feel the pure happiness and joy of swing era (1930s to 1950s) in my soul and my desire is to make people taste this happiness and the gentility of those times. There are two things that make myself feel like we are on those times; first, listening to the great swing era jazz musicians and second, wearing the super elegant clothes that people were wearing at those times. So, to make other people feel like me, I combine fashion with jazz music and opened Jazz 'N Fashion. Lets go back to 1930s and 1950s together!

Privacy & Safety​

All your personal information is protected and your email addresses are stored in the system without sharing with any other third-parties. If you want to unsubscribe, you can just inform with an email. Iyzico is being used to verify payment, and after the verification we send you a confirmation mail within one working day and tell you that your purchase is completed successfully. Also, we check the list of cities and delivery times to inform you about the arrival time of the products. Arrival time is also affected by the type of product you purchased or the city you're living in. The production process is changing between 3 to 14 business days according to the product.

Your privacy is so important for us, we do not share the data to anyone and the site has SSL certificate which blocks the data for outside usage. 

Payment Methods

Iyzico ( Credit Card )

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