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Unisex shoes designed for active daily life and swing era dances especially for lindy hop, balboa, shag, and mostly for aerial moves. It is tested by dancers several times to make it suitable for aerials, jumps, lifts, and long time dances. Half slippery and provide suspension between foot and ground while dancing. You can dance with these shoes all night long without any pain in your foot. 


Comfortable by having inside pads and memory foam technology.


Both inside and outside of the shoe are vegan leather, but also you can choose the real calfskin leather option.


Retro and casual look for all occasions.


Handcrafted according to your personalizations. If you are confused about choosing the options or if you have a special size, do not worry about it. Just click on "lets chat" or contact from social media platforms to get help from our stylists.


Copyright model of JAZZINFASHION designed by Bilge Sagnak Altun all rights reserved.

Super Comfort Lester Oxford Shoes - Camel Vegan Suede


Base (sole) materials of these shoes are Eva Plastic (white part) and Microlight (black part), which is designed to reduce the pressure to knees and ankles. Perfect for aerials or jumps for a soft landing. Imagine yourself dancing with these vintage shoes but feel like you dance with sneakers. 

Eva plastic has a low density which makes it softer and the microlight part makes it more slippery than rubber shoes. Sometimes, if your shoes are so sticky, you may hurt your knees while doing some fancy moves, however, with this Microlight part, slipperiness will help you to avoid hurting yourself. Also; this Microlight part protects the Eva plastic from melting by time due to pressure.

Moreover, memory foam technology and softy Eva plastic will make you feel comfortable for hours at the parties or practice times. 

Lastly, the welt between the base and shoe upper will help you stay in balance and avoid ankle sprain. 

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